Byron discovered the skill of hand-crafting metal early in his childhood. Inside a small machine shop maintained by his father, Byron learned the use of a metal lathe and welders as he created minibikes and go-carts for personal recreation. Years later, in his high school years, Byron turned his attention to the art of surfing, and appropriately created a small business, Morgan Surfboards, devoted to shaping, glassing and building surfboards for local residents.

It was not until his early twenties that Byron stumbled upon the world of golf, but when he did, he brought his expert skills along with him. In his spare time, Byron began collecting and repairing rare persimmon woods. This hobby soon evolved into another job, this time local area professional and amateur golfers found themselves drawn to Byron’s small repair shop for restoration of their persimmon clubs.

And when the golf world moved away from wood and into the era of early metal woods in the 1980’s, Byron was once more in the thick of the new movement. Using his eye for design and skill with his hands, Byron developed a pear-shaped, over-sized, no-neck metal wood.

In 1989, Byron continued to use his skills as General Manager of John Byron Golf Company. From that point on, Byron found his clubs being sold all over the world: from South Africa to Japan, the unique design of Byron’s handiwork was eagerly used by a global audience.

Now, at the helm of Byron Golf Design, Byron wants to put his very own talents to work to help golfers across the world to obtain the putter of their dreams. Now, you can select from one of Byron’s original putter designs, or together we can create a unique putter design of your own. Your desires, coupled with Byron’s expertise, will make your elusive goal of a perfect putter a reality.

Note: Byron Morgan, Byron Golf Design, Byron Design, and California Flatsticks are not affiliated with John Byron Korea nor John Byron Japan.