10 Club Companies That Fly Under The Radar

By John Duval (

Here in the US, spring is approaching and some of us will be out to buy new clubs. Considering the beating the golf industry has been taking in a down economy, the major brands are still spending millions in advertising to get your business. Everybody knows about the big boys like TaylorMade, Callaway, Titleist, Cleveland and a few others who dominate the market, but there are many more companies out there that make great golf clubs. Here are just ten club companies that tend to fly under the radar.

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Byron Morgan has been crafting metal with his hands since early in his childhood. After growing up in and around his fathers machine shop and spending years working with metal lathes and welders, Byron has now turned his craftsmanship into making some of the finest putter in the world. It was not until his early twenties that Byron stumbled upon the world of golf, but when he did, he brought his expert skills along with him.

In 1989, Byron continued to use his skills as General Manager of John Byron Golf Company. From that point on, Byron found his clubs being sold all over the world: from South Africa to Japan, the unique design of Byron’s handiwork was eagerly used by a global audience.

Now, at the helm of Byron Golf Design, Byron wants to put his very own talents to work to help golfers across the world to obtain the putter of their dreams. Now, you can select from one of Byron’s original putter designs, or together we can create a unique putter design of your own. Your desires, coupled with Byron’s expertise, will make your elusive goal of a perfect putter a reality.

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I was lucky enough to be able to purchase an 006 LN a week ago. To the best of my knowledge this putter is a prototype and the first 006 LN that Byron has made other than some welded necks. I have always liked longnecks and currently have 7 of them. The long neck putter is one of the reasons I got into collecting putters. I seam to put my best with a more face-balanced putter. I put this putter into play right away. As soon as I got it out of the box I drove up to the putting green at our club and practiced with it for about ½ hour before it got too dark to see. My first impressing was that I was going to enjoy using this one.

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By R Hetzel on

I recently caught up with Byron Morgan, one of the most talented putter craftsmen on the planet.

If you have already rolled a Byron, you’ll now where I am coming from. If you have never rolled an 006 or an 007, you owe it to yourself to try one out. You’ll be buying one shortly thereafter. I own a few Byron 007 putters and consider them to be top-notch flat sticks.

Byron Morgan himself, to us internet golf forum surfers anyway, may be a sort of enigma. He appears to be more visible in his shop rather than on the net, which is pretty cool, considering three quarters of his current putter sales is via the internet. Many of us will never have the unique opportunity of stopping by his shop in Coastal California to see what he has going.

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