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MyGolfSpy.com Awards Byron!

Golf’s Most Wanted! – Blade Awards

“The 006 definitely separated itself from the field as being one of the most accurate, regardless of who was rolling the putts. Head-to-head, the 006 just flat out got the ball closer to the hole.”
– GolfSPyDave

Check out the testing and award the 006 received from the labs at MyGolfSpy.com.
Here’s a link to the MGS article:

Golf Channel’s Morning Drive TV show features Byron


Check out this segment on Golf Channel’s Morning Drive TV show featuring a Byron Design 611T with high polished Blue Oil.

Golf Channel’s Morning Drive features Byron

Also, Check out the Golf Digest’s Hot List featuring the famous Byron 611T flatstick.

Golf Digest Hot list

Coyote Club Golf Shirts

New Byron Design Coyote Golf Shirts are now available.

Click on the image below for a larger view.

Paypal $45 per shirt to Byron@ByronPutters.com with your choice of color and size noted in the Paypal. This is a Pre-order until June 16.


Coyote Club Polo

BYRON 2013 :: COYOTE :: Stamp • Covers • T-Shirt

All new gear for 2013.
Inspired by the coyote that watches over the shop and lives across the street.

  • Coyote Head Cover: $45 – includes shipping
  • Coyote T-Shirt: $30 for M-XL – includes Shipping
  • Coyote T-Shirt: $35 for XXL and XXL Tall – includes Shipping

Paypal to byron@byronputters.com with shipping info and product description.

Add $5 for shipping to Canada.
The Coyote stamp is available for new putters only.


A reminder from Huntington Beach regarding coyotes. Coyotes are clever and opportunistic wild canines.




Macro Morgans

Check out all the Macro Morgan pics being posted at Puttertalk.com.


SOLD OUT…. Yamalube now in stock!



Yamalube is the very best corrosion protection for your putter. This specific formula dries fast, clean and helps restore the beautiful finish to your flat sticks. It also protects against rust and corrosion. Compared to similar products this formula won’t leave your putter slimy, sticky or oily once dry.

Spray a good coating on your stick, let it dry for a few minutes. Then use as normal. No need to wipe off excess or worry about your head cover.


$18 per can. Shipping included.


PayPal to Byron@byronputters.com

Golf Style – Can anyone read 日本語?

Can anyone read 日本語?

German SS, Golf Style, Byron. So far so good.

Coyote by the Beach!

Several coyote sightings around the shop have made things interesting. Check out the picture below of one walking around checking out the waves. A recent article in the OC Register says there have been over 100 coyote sightings recently. https://www.ocregister.com/articles/coyotes-373875-department-sightings.html



Hey, Coyote! What’s for lunch?

Shop Coyote

Coyote on patrol


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